Daddy Daycare…

So I actually go by “Papa” but it doesn’t flow as well as “Daddy Daycare”.  Anyways, today starts a series of days like that I’ve never experienced before.  Gina just walked out the door with her school bags in tote (and a breast pump).  I’m left behind with an amazing little boy and a whole lot of “oh crap this just got real.”

I’ve got just about one month of staying home with Judah while Gina finishes out the school year.  Never before have I stayed home this long.  Many people I think would be thrilled at getting a month off of work.  But I like my work, and I’ve never cared for a baby full time.  I’m not good at sitting around and not accomplishing projects.  I’m not good at not working for long periods of time.  I took one week off when he was born and spent most of that time handling outdoor projects.  (I got understandably in trouble for that actually…)

I am slightly worried about him crying inconsolably for his Mama.  I am slightly worried about him not taking bottles from me.  I am slightly worried that he’ll want me to hold him while pacing the house for hours on end.

And on the other hand I am thrilled at the opportunity to bond with my son, in a way that many fathers never experience.  This little boy is truly a very good baby who has given us no trouble whatsoever.  He’s perfectly healthy and happy (praise God!) and I know that he will be easy to care for.  I hope that we get to know each other better over the next month.

Meanwhile I know Gina is a touch worried being away from him.  She gave me the “see him, hear him” speech before leaving…. and I just realized that I didn’t hear him anymore… he’s asleep yeah!  Anyways, she trusts me to care for him, but she knows that I don’t have quite the same patient, loving touch that she has.  I think she’s hoping that I’ll acquire some of that over the next month.

God is so good in the way He worked out our schedules to care for him.  We won’t have to put him in daycare until he’s six months old.  We’ll both have spent good quality time with him alone before then.  He’s a budding, stout boy who hasn’t yet been sick and I believe it’s because he hasn’t been exposed to lots of germs yet.  His faculties and dexterity are developing quickly because he’s gotten so much one on one attention.

I love this little boy more than I ever knew I could love someone.  So here’s to a successful month of Papa-Son time!


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