Any day now…

My lack of posting lately is due to the whirlwind of preparing for one’s first child.  It’s a different whirlwind than what will be once he’s here, and it’s most certainly a whirlwind I’ve never experienced before.  Just at the end of last week we finally had a few evenings where we had nothing that had to get done.  I hope this week is the same because Gina is due Friday, and we’re praying she does not go late.  For her sake I hope the kid is around or less than 8 pounds.  So the sooner the better.  We’re trying all of the wive’s tales regarding labor kick-starters ahead of time.

This morning at church I had a particularly strong experience of the Lord’s presence, and it was directly tied to our son.  You see, yesterday we went on a four mile walk along the Catawba River here in town.  We went with our next door neighbors John and Veronica.  They told us Veronica was pregnant the same day we told them.  She was a week ahead of Gina.  We unexpectedly showed up at the same birthing class.  Veronica was having contractions during the walk yesterday.  This morning they asked me to run and get them some Gatorade, and while we were sitting in church I got a text that their little girl had arrived safe and sound.

Having walked through their pregnancy, and to know they are now done with that portion, brought much excitement to my heart.  Getting that text at church made everything feel so much closer.  I’m so very ready to see him and hold him… impatience is quickly setting in.  As my heart began to race at the thought of his arrival, I suddenly connected everything that I was experiencing in church to my son.  We were worshipping and singing about God’s promised faithfulness and tender love.  I suddenly felt an intense measure of love for my son, and then knew that God feels the same for me and for him.  I began to contemplate how much God loves my son, and it filled me with joy.  I got goosebumps and chills as I experienced God’s love for him.  I was filled with utter confidence as the Spirit whispered assurance to my heart that this boy will grow up in the covenant of Christ’s work on the cross and His reign over death.  There was a particular word that came up often during the service that resounded with our son’s name (which is still a secret) and that too was assurance of God’s promise over this new life.

I expect that this experience will only be magnified once he is finally here.  For the first time in my life I can truly say that I feel ready to be a father.


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