De Madera a Madera…

This Christmas season has been markedly different for me.  Never before has the holiday impressed my mind so deeply with the Incarnation of Christ.  Previously I often thought of His coming, and found it simple to focus on that object of celebration, but it usually ended there.  It was somewhat like reading a meaningful quote on Facebook, giving a slight sigh of the briefest contemplation, and then scrolling on with the day.

Now though I am finding it hard to stop thinking about the wonder of it all.  There have been eternally momentous events in the history of Creation: from the beginning of existence by the Word of God, to the death of the Son of Man, to His victorious resurrection, to the coming of His Spirit to this world, I find the Incarnation of the Son of God perhaps the most moving of them all.

It could be that I have a little boy due in about nine weeks, or it could be that I am in my seminary studies, or it could be that the Spirit of God is just having me think about this more now.  I’m guessing it’s all three.

When I sing “Mary Did You Know?” I can better picture her holding that little life, wondering how such a fragile being could hold within himself the Eternal Divine.

I can better imagine her experiencing the hormonal high in postpartum and reeling from the knowledge that she was still a virgin.

I can better hear the angles singing the praises of a God who would embrace the inconceivable by lowering Himself to a standard that even His own creation would deem despicable.

I love that Jesus was a carpenter, that He was born into a wooden manager, and that He died on a wooden cross.  Imagine the moment of creation, when God drew trees up from the ground.  There was one tree which fell the seed that would grow the next tree which would grow the next tree and so on until one day a descendant tree would be cut down and crafted into a manger.  Perhaps from that same tree large beams were cut to form a deadly cross.  These elements of the collision of the Divine with mortal flesh run wild in my imagination.  And those are just the surface truths.  The purpose of and deepest meaning behind the Incarnation shook the history of all things and forever altered the course of mankind’s future.

My heart desires to learn more, to think more, to pray more, and to dwell more in this truth.  I am grateful that He came.  I am grateful beyond words.  Without this miracle I would still be fallen.  With this miracle I have a Great High Priest who is like me in every way.

“Veiled in flesh the Godhead see,
Hail the Incarnate Deity…”


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