No Beer November…

For literally the entire duration of my recollective life I have been told that some day I will stop being skinny.  My paternal grandfather said that more than anyone else.  I guess because he used to be skinny, and then successfully grew a very large belly in his later years.  I kept hearing that at 30 I would not be able to consume anything I wanted without repercussion.  And to my dismay that has finally proven true.  I’m nearly 31 now and I lost my abdominal muscles over a year ago to a stubborn layer of flub.  I attributed that to my work – which involves substantial amounts of sitting.  Later I discovered that my love of craft beer was perhaps the primary culprit in the reshaping of my body.

So this month is “no beer November” in hopes to reclaim the glories of my youthful appearance.  I’ve already been faithfully back at the gym, but I need to take some more extreme measures now.  I don’t want to end up looking life my grandfather because that would mean many years of having a large belly between my wife and I during hugs.

But all of that is not important really.  What’s important is that my wife is closing in on six months of pregnancy and we’ve barely cleaned out the “nursery”.  What’s the rush?  The boy won’t even sleep in that room for a while after birth.  We’re focusing instead on the birth itself.  Gina is reading lots of books on preparing her mind and body for the birthing experience.  I’m reading a book on vaccines.  Gina is listening to positive birth affirmation CDs.  I am mastering the perfect French press.

Crib sheets, bottle sterilizers, diaper bags, liners, locks, lids…. the list goes on and on.  What a life change!  Everything is changing.  My wife is changing, my chores are changing, my coming Spring and Summer are vastly changing, my house is changing, my budget is changing.  Nothing is left untouched or unaffected by this little life joining our family.  It’s joyous.  It’s overwhelming.  It’s a reward.  It’s a challenge.

As for my walk with Christ, I’ve been noticing an intensifying desire to walk deeply with Him.  I imagine this is because my schedule and time during the day will be stretched to the breaking point, and my quiet times could suffer.  I want to know my Jesus so very well that I can endure a season of being exhausted and lacking appropriate time for meditation and quiet, all while not falling to sin, taking any steps backwards, or being a poor example of Christ.  The goal right now is to act on these desires and to sort of fatten up for the winter (which is an interesting dichotomy considering my work out regime presently).

Life is very good right now.  My poor wife is of course not calling these days a “cake walk” (mmmm, cake), but she has maintained such a pleasant spirit and has refrained from much complaining.  I would give her a lot more room to complain, but she doesn’t need it.  She knows the wonder happening inside her womb and she is content with all that the Lord has for her right now.  And in the mean time she hasn’t forgotten to love me too.  What an unbelievable treasure I have in her!


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