Terrifying opportunity…

Up until now I’ve wanted very badly to have a daughter.  I’m not secretive about that.  Then I read, “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” by Meg Meeker, M.D.  Now I want a son.

The book explains why, if I’m not a loving, Godly husband for all of my daughter’s life, she’ll end up an alcoholic, crack-addicted prostitute who commits suicide in the nut house before she turns 24.

This is yet another reason why I believe that I’ll have a daughter (whether from this current pregnancy or another).  God would be funny like that – to put me in such a position; to hand me such responsibility.  Because there is absolutely no way I could be the kind of father that this book says is necessary for the proper upbringing of a daughter.  And it’s written by a psychologist who specifically counsels and treats girls and women who suffered under terrible fathers.  The data is legit.

So if I want to maintain an incorruptible daughter while rearing her in a completely corrupted world, I will have to depend day in and day out on God’s sovereignty.  This is a terrifying opportunity to experience a new level of His grace.

I’m thinking that my hair is going to turn grey in October when we find out the gender…


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