God of tomorrow…

The longer I ponder it, the more terrifying it becomes to me that I am to be a father.  The reason so is because I am a police officer.  Every working day I spend approximately 8 hours studying the miserable lives of a side of society that most don’t see.  Except that this side of society is ever growing towards being named “the norm”.  I can talk to almost any fourteen year old kid in any public school and find a majority who are already having sex, who can barely read and write, who have criminal histories, who are using alcohol and drugs, and who I can accurately predict will live a somewhat useless life abusing welfare and leaching off others.

And while I’d like to say that every single one of these kids has a horrible home life, no father in the picture, a mother who’s in denial and who enables, and a handicap from birth towards a permanent state of pathetic, it’s not true.  Just this week I dealt with a young teenage girl who came from a very decent family and had every opportunity to be a decent member of society.  Instead, she’s dating grown gang members and setting up robberies.  And when I told her mother, the poor woman was devastated.

That’s what terrifies me.  I may do everything right by the book, and still rear a child who will be swept away by the multiplying depravity of our age.

Thankfully, I am ever reminded of my sovereign God who is completely in control of the future of my child.  On Sunday Pastor Alex preached on the transfiguration from Matthew 17.  I found it captivating to consider why Moses and Elijah appeared with the Lord.  Moses came because he represented the Law which Christ fulfilled perfectly.  Moses also reflected the glory of God when he came down from the mountain, while Christ radiated His own glory.  Elijah came because he represented the prophets, while Christ was the last and perfect Prophet.  Further, Elijah spoke the words of God while supporting his words with signs of God’s power.  Christ is the very Word of God and brought His own power to the people hearing His words.

And to know all that had to take place for those men to be born in the first place, and to live the lives that they did, to accomplish all that God purposed for them, and then for the story and effect of those lives to carry on for the next few millennia until Christ came to earth…. that is the only kind of knowledge that could set my heart at ease.  That is the God who controls my little one’s future.  The God who ordained and orchestrated the Exodus, the God who allowed a man to control the weather and call down fire from heaven, is the same God who controls angelic forces, who commands every living creature, who keeps every innumerable star in its place, who holds the leash of that great serpent, and who already knows every step that my child will take.


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