Wow.  February.  I sometimes slack in making regular posts.  But this time I’ve got a great excuse.  I’ve been working like a madman on home projects since February.  I’ve torn out two bathrooms, carpets, vinyl floors, I’ve laid wood floors in three rooms.  I’ve installed new bathrooms.  I’ve changed knobs and hinges.  I’ve painted.  Ugh.  And last of all I’ve built a large shed in the backyard (which isn’t finished yet).  AND there are more projects yet.

In addition to all of that I’ve officially enrolled in seminary.  Whitefield Theological Seminary was my choice – because of their strong reformed doctrine, and because the entire degree is attainable through distance learning.  So I am currently knocking out the rather dull introduction classes related to theological research and writing.  Necessary.  Yet boring.

My heart raced when I got my course schedule and outlines.  I was anxious to see from which brilliant dead guys I would be reading.  I did cringe a little when I saw the sheer amount of reading for each course.  47,400 pages of course required books alone.  Not to mention additional reading for any research or thesis work.  Good thing I like books.

Yesterday marked ten months of marriage for Gina and I.  What a wonderful ten months they have been.  We are evidently closer today than July 19th, 2014, and we could not be more grateful for it.  I never knew marriage could be this good.  I never knew it could be this deep, this holy.  We are always learning more about each other.  I believe that I know her very well, and I am always eager to get to know her better.  I never find myself disinterested with her, or bored with her.  I love being with her.  I need to be with her.  This is all so very new and redeeming for me.

The best feeling in the world is when she tells me how she is satisfied in the way I care for her and meet her needs.  That empowers me and motivates me like nothing else.  What an incredible gift from God she is to me.  It is still very difficult for me to understand how and why God chose me to possess such a treasure.

I desire to write more, but simply put, I’m exhausted.  A day of chasing bad guys, followed by swinging a framing hammer in the muggy South Carolina heat, and having done this in repetition for quite some time now is wearing me out.  So I’m off to read more about lexicons and proper footnote documentation.


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