The way we were created to carry…

Today I saw us as two vessels
Very different in form and mettle
And with one glance any eye could see
Why both are indispensable

The Creator made it so
There is not one quality out of place
The vessels were always meant to be
Exactly as they are

To try and make one like the other
Is senseless and vain
To try and handle one like the other
Will destroy their given roles

One is much like a crate
Wooden, rugged, plain, and strong
All squares and angles and flats and runs
The stuff of purpose and practicality

The other is much like a vase
Porcelein, fluid, shaped, and fair
All motion and bends and dance and light
The elegance of beauty and of awe

The one can be filled with heavy loads
No element is too much to bear
Rough cut surface handles any foe
Durable and stout define the mane

The other was crafted for finer feasts
Of art and spirit and grace
Smoothest faces steal color from the air
Delicate and priceless define its fame

Too many years of hard toil
Can leave the first with weak supports
Drive a nail with a steady hammer
And confidence will be renewed

Neglect and dust can bring the other
To notice cracks and chips and smut
Tender hands and gentle cleansing
Will make her shine once more

They are nothing without one another
The fruits of his labor are perfectly displayed
In the beauty of her wisdom
As it was meant to be


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