Last night I was studying for the first time the Christology of the Puritans. In particular I was looking at John Owen’s teaching that the only act Christ ever did, in and of Himself, regarding His human nature was to assume a human nature enhypostically. Beyond that “moment” Christ was completely reliant on the Holy Spirit for everything else. Lutherans and Catholics argued that point saying that Christ did miracles of His own Divine power. Owens said that if Christ did not live His humanity out in the same manner that we have to do it, then His saving power would not have been effective. For instance, if He had not assumed both body and soul, He could not have saved our bodies and souls. Further, since He demands that we be holy as He is holy, and for that to happen we must be sanctified by the Spirit, then Christ was also “sanctified” by the Spirit in His flesh. He of course, did not assume our proclivity and bondage to sin, but He did assume the natural infirmities that we suffer such as hunger, thirst, sorrow, and grief. One could safely say that Christ most likely never grew sick though. We know He never suffered a broken bone. All that to say, whether Christ healed a sick man, or resisted temptation, He did it by the Spirit.

Notwithstanding my stunned and overwhelmed brain, I was left in awe and wonder of this Logos who became the God Man. What a wonder that He should die for me. What a crushing weight that I was chosen over the next man. Every day I work close and personal with a side of humanity that was rejected by the Sovereign. Their lives are a manifestation of the wrath of God against their stubborn, deaf hearts. They are not elect (so far anyways). I am. Why?

Why, when the Creator spoke all things into existence by the Logos Himself, did He think of me, and know me, and choose me? Why, in the inexplicable beauty of the perfect joy of the Triune, was there ever a thought that I should be drenched in mercy at the foot of the cross? I did nothing, could never have done anything to merit that. I was unconditionally loved. It is too difficult to digest.

What I would like is a long period of time to steal away from this world and meditate on that truth. The need to earn an income and keep a decent life seem to always get in my way of achieving that.


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