Don’t pet the Lion…

“The cruel irony of choosing God’s love over his holiness is that we end up losing both. If we are not talking about the great and majestic God who dwells in unapproachable light, then his love loses meaning (1 Timothy 6:16). We need to maintain his holiness in order to truly appreciate the magnitude of his love.” – Drew Dyck (Yawning at Tigers)

I saw this quote on a Desiring God blog today.  It made me stop and consider if I’m bored with God or not.  Overall I certainly know I’m not.  But there are moments in each day when He seems more like a kitten than a lion to me.  And that is purely because of my sinful human perspective.  When I grow more concerned with the immediate instead of the future, or when I try and reason with God from a mortal point of view, I make Him, in my mind, much less than He really is.  That inappropriate view of God can give me excuses for my sin, or can drown out the Spirit’s voice amidst a chaotic volley of self-induced busyness.

Seeing God for who He is (at least in as much form as we can handle here and now) should always start with His holiness.  The majesty of His holiness leaves us in a state of awe that turns our eyes upwards.  The glory of His holiness burns away the sinful dross in our being.  The wonder of His holiness leaves us breathless and full of resounding praise.  The terror of His holiness drives us to deep worship.  This vision of God should be first.  His other qualities and characteristics will appropriately fall into place thereafter.


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