The timeframe of truth…

What are the warning signs that your expectations and God’s will of decree are off? Where do the lines of balance fall in the reality of the complexities of the mind of God and what you believe to be unchangeable truth? My world was once rocked when I was graciously pushed over the edge of the shallow world of Arminianism into the depths of a reformed understanding. It’s somewhat like that. Perhaps not as extreme though. I spend so much time trying to build my house on the rock of the Word of God. I know that I cannot perfectly interpret it for my life. I know that my old struggles with legalism can cloud my vision. But I have to take a stand regardless. Then, events unfold which demand that I walk away from something I previously thought was truth. Or rather, what I thought to be true is now no longer true for right now.

Is truth subject to time? I don’t believe that it always has to be. Because God created time. And He is the essence of truth. So, truth may or may not be bound by time depending on God’s decree over the matter.

That is so difficult for me to process though. Does the process require that I withstand temptation to walk away from something I should not walk away from? Or does it require that I walk away in faith that God has spoken? In both cases my fear is disobedience to God. That disobedience has a world of consequences.

The beauty of whatever struggle I face right now is that I have my wife to stand beside me. When I say that we were created for each other, what I mean is that God so designed that I not properly function any longer after July 19, 2014 without her. My call is to make the decisions and lead. My vow is to listen to her spirit. The combination produces Godly fruit that lasts for eternity.

Paul says that a man’s attention is divided between his wife and the things of the Lord. It’s true. And when you’re called to it, it’s beautiful. In this state of marriage there is most definitely a constant that I can fall back on when faced with confusion. She is named Gina. She is my priority. I seek to honor the Lord by honoring her. I mimic Christ’s treatment of His bride. It’s always the right answer to lay my life down for her – no matter how terrifying that might be at times.


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