So much sin…

Last night I had the thought that it really must suck to be God.

End of post.

Just kidding.  What I mean is this; I was thinking about sin.  At work I spend about 9 – 10 hours a day thinking about sin.  I’m paid to deal with the sin of other people.  A man succumbs to his temptation with greed, so he kicks in a victim’s front door, puts a gun to their head, and demands all of their money.  That is sin.  It’s sin on many levels.  There are a few sins in particular that I, as a law enforcement officer am interested in.  Greed won’t get you put in jail.  Robbery will though.  So I begin to look into the lives of these men and women who are not satisfied in the goodness of our God.  And the more I dig, the more disgusted I become with their sin.  It’s a blatant, putrid, chaotic type life of sin.  What they could be doing wrong, they are finding a way to do wrong.  And it seems like the whole of it is set up in an endless cycle.

After one hour of studying one sinful man’s life, I’m disgusted.  After ten hours I’m frustrated.  After two months I’m flat out angry.  Eventually I have to numb myself to it just to maintain.  And this is only one man. 

So last night I was talking with my wife about this and suddenly it hit me; God thinks about this stuff all of the time.  And not just thinks about it, He sees it.  He feels it.  He experiences it.  And not just one man at a time.  He sees the sin of every man and woman.  He sees every single one of their sins.  Every thought.  Every deed.  I believe that if a human were to experience one brief second of what God sees in the magnitude of man’s sin, that person would instantly go insane.  The depravity of this world is unimaginable – and for a good reason.

Now of course, God is omnipotent and holy.  So He will not be changed by this facing man’s sin.  He is justly enraged by it.  He is understandably grieved by it.  Even the small glimpses I’ve had of His glory so far in my life leave me in wonder at His patience with us.  We should all die right now.  Everyone.  We should never be given a chance to experience any more pleasure – much less eternal pleasure.  From the toddler with his manipulative temper tantrums, to the hardened gang member with his terror and violence, we all deserve hell.  Right now.

But God is so infinitely loving and patient.  He forbearance is mind boggling.  I really just cannot get my thoughts around this idea that He endures the sin of humanity – and for so long now.  From the ancient Canaanites to the Assyrians, to the Egyptians, the Persians, Greeks, Romans, Gauls, Britons, Dutch, French, Americans, and every Asian and African tribe that never made a history book… God has endured an unfathomable amount of sin.

I need more time to meditate on this truth.  It takes the doctrines of grace and redemption and gives them amplified new life for me.  Oh my God, how gracious You are.


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