See it coming…

As of late I’ve been studying a lot about church leadership.  Being a part of a church plant has… well… got me thinking a lot about the topic.  The Spirit is pressing it into my heart and is urging me to study up.  What I’ve learned so far is terrifying.  Church leaders are accountable for a very heavy burden.  They are to bear the weight of the messy, broken lives of the people in their flock.  And the blood of those people can stain the leaders’ hands from time to time.  Who would want such a thing?  Oddly enough Paul says that an elder should aspire to his role.  He should desire to lead.  But it would take a crazy person to not only accept, not actually desire this burden.

And of course, I feel this desire welling up in me.  At the moment I’m suppressing it.  I’m newly married.  I don’t need extra responsibilities right now.  Yet I cannot deny what the Lord is beginning to whisper to me about.  Already He is bringing people in my path to counsel and minister to.  Already He is asking me to let my light shine before them.  Somehow I know this road is before me.  It causes me to tremble.


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