Listen to your heart (and your wife)…

This post is mostly about how grateful I am that my wife has strength in spiritual discernment.  She is a gift to me especially in that way.  I quickly found that it is not an option for me to not lead her spiritually.  Her vitality seems to be intricately connected to my initiative as a spiritual leader.  Her spirit tells her when we’ve gone too long without prayer or Scripture together.  She in turn tells me.  It is good for me.  It is good for us.

She also reads my spirit well.  She knows when something is off in me, even though I’m not terribly expressive about it.  She sees giftings in me and pushes me to go after them.  She seems to know what my spirit is longing for, and she seeks to find a way to fill that.  She is always motivating me to better myself and move forward.  She is always encouraging me to walk in faithful integrity.  She constantly tells me that I make her proud and that I meet her needs.  These are all things that she knows I need.

She can read the spirits of others as well.  And then she helps me understand how to approach others, or how to deal with them, or how to encourage them.  She’s been telling me that God is calling me to start mentoring others and teaching them doctrine and leading by example.

And she very seriously considers things that I don’t really need, but simply want.  In my mind it is crazy to even consider moving to Australia and attending Hillsong College.  In her mind she wonders if she could find a job there to support us while I went to school.  This woman never ceases to blow my mind.

I read a book a couple of years ago.  For the life of me I cannot remember the author or the title of the book.  I tried in vain to find it on Google.  But a portion of one chapter will stay with me for the rest of my life.  It said that God created Eve as the second half of His image in mankind.  Men have some of God’s image- not all of it.  Women likewise only have a part of the whole.  Together we complete that image.  The woman holds the characteristics of God related to spiritual discernment.  God wanted Eve to be a sort of spiritual gauge for Adam.  She would be a barometer of their marriage in how it was honoring or dishonoring God.  She would in turn then relay that information to Adam, who had to make a choice as to how to lead them accordingly.  Therefore, God put a certain quality in a woman that most sinful men today hate – that quality being that she has to talk through her emotions.  God’s intention for this quality, before the Fall, was that she not hold back her discernments from her husband, because he needed them.  Sin has plagued that beautiful quality and turned it into annoyance and nagging and other dreadful things.  But a woman seeking to honor the Lord can use it to bring life to her marriage.

Gina is a perfect spiritual barometer for us.  And I find it very easy to listen to her and trust her thoughts.


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