It all begins with grace…

This morning was Grace Collective Church’s first Sunday service.  It was just the core team, and praise the Lord it was low key and relaxed.  We all came with a desire to not only act as, but also be a church body together.  The air about the room felt… natural.  It really was a wonderful time.

Mac broke the ice by declaring to everyone that my song selections for the morning were “boring”.  I told him I would try harder next week.  Phillip, showing his nerves only a little rattled, was overcome with excitement as he led us to Ephesians 2:1-10.  He said this passage was behind his inspiration for the name of the church.  That being because of the depths of importance there.  Everything begins with grace.  We were completely dead in our trespasses (as I let out a sigh of relief for the teaching of reformed theology).  Grace brought us back to life.  And we were created in Jesus for good works.  What better work than to share that life with someone else who is still dead?  And so grace carries on through us until our ultimate grace of Heaven.

Phillip challenged us to live in the knowledge of what has been (our transformation from death to life) and in the truth of what will be (complete transformation and victory).  So we don’t wallow in the shame of our past, and we don’t joylessly endure pain now while waiting on a future hope.  And as we walk with Christ in this grace, we seek to share this life with others who are not yet renewed.  

That will be the mission and focus of our church – guiding people in relationship with Jesus and with others.  I’ve already scheduled coffee meetings with brothers this week so we can dive into doing life together.  This is very good.  I loved doing church with my wife by the way.  She blows my mind with her steadfastness and devotion to the Lord.  Thank you Father for such a gift as she.

God has seemingly answered a prayer of mine.  My house is under contract right now and the current deal will get me out from under that mortgage without coming out of pocket any extra cash.  This is a big deal.  Not only will it finally sever that last tie to my past, but it will save us a lot of money each month.  I do wish this had happened before the wedding, but I know that God’s good plan was for it to happen now.  I’m just grateful that it is moving forward.


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