All the signs are there…

I was thinking yesterday how Godly my marriage must be.  Because since we’ve gotten back from the honeymoon, difficult things immediately began presenting themselves in my life.  I lost a close friend.  Not to death, but worse, to sin.  I went back to work and found out that I suddenly had no more desire to fight crime.  I began experiencing extreme discontent being at the office.  And for the good/difficult side, my longing to attend seminary and be more deeply involved in ministry took a spike upward.

So why does that make me think my marriage honors God?  Because 1) God refines us as we walk with Him through events which force / allow us to turn to Him.  And 2) satan hates my marriage and will fight against it.  That’s a win.

I cannot explain how grateful I am for my wife who immediately embraced me and encouraged me and told me that I am walking with the Lord.  She is proud of me.  She supports me.  And I love her.


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