The past fourteen days of my life have been for lack of a better word, thrilling.  I married my soulmate, I traveled with her to one of the most romantic places on earth, and spent 10 days exploring a very old, beautiful land.  We’re both glad to be home now for sure.  Traveling as a tourist is… good and bad.  I prefer to travel overseas in a missional manner.  To go in a way so as to spend as little money as possible, while taking in the culture for the purpose of finding an in to reach people for Jesus, is what makes my heart beat fast (besides my wife’s smile and touch).  To go in a way so as to spend a lot of money, while taking in the culture for the purpose of pleasure, is well… only something I think that I could enjoy with Gina.  Anything else would probably make me feel guilty.  But going as tourists was the only thing that made sense for our honeymoon.  And our time there was perfect to say the least.

I am currently reveling in experiencing “one-flesh-ness” with my wife.  It’s an experience that causes me to pause and sit still in amazement at this relationship God created.  How can a man and a woman, so different in their most base characteristics, yet so perfectly suited for one another, be joined together so that if our spiritual eyes were enlightened, we would only see one spirit?  Sometimes, when I hug Gina for a long time, we put our foreheads together and rest our heads that way.  I imagine my spirit sort of, transferring into hers as we do that.  I see our spirits mingling and mixing the way milk does when you pour it into coffee.  I can feel her energy and her emotions.  It’s wonderful.  And while I know that I have a lifetime ahead of me of learning my wife, I love those moments when I can accurately anticipate what she is about to do or think or say next.  I pray the Lord always helps me put effort into studying her more and more.

We are in the earliest stages of making this home “ours”.  Gina is more than willing to change pictures on the walls, reorganize closets, and help me make a study room.  We’ve got bathrooms to remodel, a storage unit to purchase, and we’re completely out of cabinet space.  She has to change her name this week.  We’ve got to bring our finances together.  And then there are all of the wedding gifts, cards, decorations, etc, to put away.  We are going to start reading through the Bible together.  We want to get back to having time for our art and music.  We’re planting a church.  We’re trying to invest time in other peoples’ lives.  Oh, and the waffle maker quit working this morning.  But all of these things make us smile.  They make us smile because this is finally “our” life.  It’s something new.  It’s exciting.  We love every minute of it.  The only reason I would ever want to be rich is so that I wouldn’t have to waste 10 hours a day apart from Gina, working on something other than our life together.

My mind is too overwhelmed right now to start writing about specific things.  We are awash with big picture right now.  We can hardly find where to start focusing.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I’m about to focus on this belly I apparently picked up in Italy thanks to the unbelievably delicious food. “Honey, have you seen my running shoes?”


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