Esposa bagnata, esposa fortunata…

Our God is so very, very good.  I would have said that even if the wedding day had been a complete disaster technically speaking.  No matter what yesterday held for us, Gina was still my prize at the end of it.  Nothing would have prevented me from saying that God is good.  I am happy to say though, that the day defined perfection.  Nothing was wrong.  Nothing was out of place.  Nothing was bad.  Everything was right.  Everything was in place.  Everything was good.  Even a last minute groomsman change didn’t throw off the lightheartedness of the celebration.  By the time the worship reached its climax pre-service, my heart was bursting at the seams.  I couldn’t wait a moment longer.  I had to see her coming through those doors.

And oh when she did.  The glory of Michael, Gabriel, and all of their heavenly siblings could not have touched the glory that radiated from every part of her.  She looked me right in the eyes, and held my gaze all the way down the aisle.  I was beyond mesmerized.  I was beyond speechless.  I was in Divine ecstasy.  Nothing mattered in that moment.  All I wanted, all I needed was her.

And she came to me.  The ceremony could not have been better.  Paul Sartarelli preached from 1 Peter 1:22-23 which we chose as the main Scripture for the wedding.  He spoke of us coming into this marriage identified as pure souls in Christ.  Our pasts do not define us, but they do mark where we’ve been.  Paul used the analogy of traveling, getting passports stamped, and having plans and destinations in mind – all while having an identity that doesn’t change.  We worshiped together to “In Christ Alone” – which ultimately spoke to our main concern for the ceremony – that Jesus be lifted up above all else.  We walked back down the aisle as husband and wife to the swelling bridge of “How He Loves Us”.  I simply lack for words to describe what happened in our spirits during that half hour.  All I know is that I was made one flesh with my Bride, and never have I felt a joy like this before.  I am complete.

The title of this post is an Italian proverb meaning, “Wet bride, lucky bride.”  It drizzled a little throughout the day.  There was perfect cloud coverage.  Several weeks before the wedding I saw a forecast for 96 degrees that day.  It barely broke 80 and there was no blistering sun.  The photographers were especially grateful for the clouds.  This morning Gina and I went for a run since we’ll be sitting on a plane for 10 hours tonight.  Again, a light drizzle cooled us as we started.  Half way in though, the heavens opened up and tried to wash us off of the path.  It was wonderful. We laughed and said we were crazy.  I said she was crazy for following me into a rain storm.  I knew in that moment that she would follow me wherever the Lord leads.  I was so happy I didn’t care about my soggy shoes.

Now we’re finalizing our bags for Italy.  I won’t be writing while I’m there, maybe just jotting down some thoughts.  What I’ve learned about my wife since Saturday afternoon is that she is perfectly satisfied being in God’s will for her life.  She is perfectly satisfied being my wife.  She is anticipating a wonderfully adventurous life with me.

Last night we were looking through an old visual journal of hers.  On one page dated April 2012, she had found a small silver ring on the ground.  The ring had a space for three stones, but the stones were gone.  She used three sets of blue yard to tie the ring to the page.  It looked somewhat like a cross with the ring in the middle.  The bottom of the page had one word, “Promise”.  I noticed the missing three stones and immediately realized that the engagement ring I gave her had three stones in it, lined up just like the empty ring’s setting.  I pointed it out to her.  We both sat in wonder and amazement at what God has done in our lives.

Off to the ancient land.


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