In the beginning…

Day One: Today my bride walks down the aisle to me.  This is an astounding thought.  Especially if you’ve ever met my bride.  God creates beautiful things and beautiful people, but sometimes He takes His time in His creating process and makes something that causes others to stop and wonder in amazement at what they are seeing.  Gina is one of those wonders.  I don’t have the time (or the battery power) to even begin to scratch the surface of explaining why I say all of that.  Suffice to say though, that God’s work is a good work.  All of His ways are upright and faithful.  What will happen today at a pretty Methodist church in Fort Mill, South Carolina goes so far beyond human ways and human understanding.  This day has Divinity written all over it.

I haven’t slept well the last two nights – only out of sheer excitement.  I can’t wait to see her dress, her veil, her face… well, I hope I will be able to see all of that through the tears.  She might be a blurry image until she gets closer to me.  She walks down the aisle to the soul lifting voice of Katie Torwalt singing, “Jesus, You make all things new.”  See there, my eyes just went blurry.  I’m going to be a mess.  Oh well.  Jesus is the one messing me up in such a very good way.

I’m starting this blog today because I want to journal my way through being Gina’s husband.  It only makes sense to start this on the day that I become her husband.  My hope is that I can capture the moments that matter, and the moments that fill the time.  I hope to capture the joy and the sorrow.  I hope to capture the lessons and the laughter.  I hope to capture them all because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is doing a wondrous work in bringing Gina and I together as one flesh, and any time God does a work in our lives, it is for the purpose of making much of Jesus.  Our marriage will be a reflection of His love for the Church.  So we’ll be a model.  That means one purpose of our marriage will be for teaching others.  Final conclusion: I need to make sure I keep track of what He does, so that I can teach other men the things I learn.

Besides, I am certain that there will be stories unfolding in this union that others will want to hear.  They will be stories of God’s goodness – stories of His power.  They will be stories that shape the way people see God.  I don’t need to mention the impact they’ll have on mine and Gina’s life.  That is a given bonus.  I am thrilled at the thought of what God will do in the lives of others through us.

And last I will write about what it means to love Gina.  I know that the specifics of that won’t directly apply to another relationship, but the principles behind it will.  This will be good for me to go back often and reflect on what I’ve written.  I often learn things while I write.  So much good can come from this.  Thus, it’s point.

So I am off to get ready to meet my Bride at the altar.  There is no where else I would rather be today.

“Oh my God, You are so good to me.  Your love for me reaches to the Heavens.  My heart leaps, my soul sings, my spirit thrives thinking about this day.  In Your presence there is fullness of joy.  In Your right hand are pleasures forever more.”


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